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There is clearly a great need for consultations and coaching calls, especially in these special times. The Schumann Institute offers telephone and online (with image and sound) consultations and coaching, for people who feel the need to discuss, for example, about the Schumann resonance (peaks and troughs, how can I best keep the connection at home myself), the events in the Netherlands and around the world, the shift from 3D to 5D, (the new consciousness), extraterrestrials and all other matters.

This resonance is truly vital. When one can consciously allow this to flow through the body, one becomes more calm, positive, stronger, healthier and happier almost immediately. You are less susceptible to disease and can more easily let go of anything that hinders you from moving forward. The Schumann Resonance provides the energy and insight to regain peace, clarity and clarity for yourself. Tranquility is the basis of creation.

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Consulting Options

Our coaches are full of enthusiasm and positive energy ready for you, see you soon on a call or on Zoom! 


Do you have questions about interdimensional contact or the Schumann Resonance? Anton is available for phone or online consultations on Tuesday afternoons. A phone or online consultation takes (maximum) 30 minutes and costs €30.00

Coaching program (Astrum Stargate):

For those who want to work intensively with the Schumann resonance, we offer coaching. If you are driven to make change in your life, then a coaching program will be a good basis and support for you to integrate and anchor the Schumann resonance.

This program includes:

This course is for five weeks, but can be adjusted to a longer period as needed. The coaching is conducted by Debbie Teuben Coaching.

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