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Henriëtte van Heertum

Had a practice for pain management for regularly out-treated people, working with very gentle methods that do not harm people yet often proved effective. For many years engaged in transcendental meditation, dru yoga and deeksha giver. Busy with health and healing thus.
In 2021 I was introduced to Schuman consciousness and this was for me like an end station in which all my beliefs fit. Clearly, every person has immeasurable power when they “log on” to the universal energy. It is an accessible method.

My name is Henriëtte van Heertum. I live between the rivers in the municipality of Altena in North Brabant. Since childhood, I feel connected with nature. For the past 50 years I have studied the most diverse forms of healing, (Hypnotherapy, herbal medicine, wild plants as food, quantum touch, Quantum healing, reiki, manuy ki working with (Bird) crystals, orgone, homeopathy, bach blossoms, ear acupuncture, colorpuncture, foot reflexology massage)


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I enjoy it every day, it is like an anchor to stay with yourself while knowing you are connected to everything and everyone. I did the trainer course in 2022 with the goal of being able to contribute to the spread of this knowledge.

Soon my website will go online.

For information about live courses, at least for now in Nistelrode, send an email to

We are powerful beings! I like to show people the way to come into their own power.

Henriëtte van Heertum

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