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Updated news: The new Earth is here!

This is the news

The new earth is here and sending the people of earth the most loving message ever!

Luciënne Schulingkamp from ‘the Angel’saddress‘, in consultation with AE Michael, has a message for us.

What is now happening with the Schumann resonance increase and peaks had been coming for a long time. This (The harmoniouse curtain of light that was visible as the Schumann resonance on June 18, 19 & 20, 2023) is also called “the New Earth” by many. Everything will be put back into love. One will begin to experience an inner peace and harmony that will result in a total heart opening in many. Love, respect and consideration for one another will become normal again.

This picture of the Schumann resonance shows a lot, it is very special. It is a form of universal light language in which much knowledge is hidden. Every line, beam, color, circle, oval, heart shape and so on has a meaning. This is a message from the core of Mother Earth which results in this image. What this message is all about is that the distortions are going to disappear and these images will come up more and more often and stay visible longer. This will touch more and more people and initiate transformational processes. By looking at it, DNA healing can take place where the individual needs it. What you can do yourself is to print out this image and look at it, as often as you feel the need. The healing will automatically come to those who need it. The healing is absorbed through your eyes and from there the energy of the activation code spreads into and through your body, far into the aura and chakras. Everything is turned on and converted to and into love! There is no turning back. Society will never be the same again, because humanity is and will continue to live from heart coherence! Everything is about love from the earth connection. Everything is about your own transformation and journey to love.

The full message can be read/listen or downloaded as a mini E-book below.

Universe is Magic and Love is the Key!

If you are, or have been, dealing with illness, unprocessed emotions, depression, inserted chips, mindcontrol, abuse, struggles with beliefs or sexuality in your life, the Schumann Resonance is the solution. 

Take the decision to become your own director or captain of your life and sign up for one of the upcoming Schumann Resonance courses. This course has already been followed by more than 7000 people and has been taught successfully for more then 10 years by Anton Teuben and his team.

Check our Calendar for a presentation or course.

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