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The synchronities of Gorredijk

The synchronicities of Gorredijk

On Friday april 16th, a large circle was seen in the sky above Gorredijk. You must have seen the pictures by now; the newspaper also devoted an article to it.

And let Friday April 16th júst be the day on which SIN gave it’s presentation in Gorredijk!

This presentation, given by Anton Teuben (oldest UFO-hotline in the Netherlands) was among other things about the events in 1974 in the Frisian village and about what the residents had seen at that time. The most extraordinary stories passed by during the break and this continued the same after the presentation. They told their stories, their experiences.
There was an atmosphere of unity in the room.

In that moment, I stopped to think about how all of this was something far from my reality until just three months ago, when now I found myself in a filled room with people talking about UFOs and extraterrestrials as if it were the most normal thing in the world. An extraordinary contrast though, in such a short time.

While I could see and hear from visitors what these experiences have meant to them, their lives and how they arapproach life now, some of these stories also have a sad side because not every witness was heard. Or were made fools of for years.
These people have traveled a very, very lonely path (in part) and sometimes the traces of that can be seen.

In their lives, but also in their faces. It is beautiful to see that these people no longer have to be alone. Hopefully they experience it that way themselves, now and in the future.
The hall in De Skâns that day filled with a beautiful, positive and loving energy that we created together, creating a place where everyone was welcome.

Taking the aerial photos from that day, it seems that we were able to receive support from our Friends from the Universe, for which we are very grateful.

Editorial SIN
Minja de Bruijn

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