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The Gateway to the Universe is open!

The Gateway to the Universe is open!

Dear Folks,

We at the Schumann Institute Netherlands have been awaiting the Great Overturn for years. That is the moment that humanity and our planet will turn from a fearful, selfish and aggressive state of being into one of trust, love and peace.

We cannot make that change alone, for the resistance in society and politics is far too great for that. Our brothers in the Universe are therefore helping us with it, they have assured us.

It has happened! At the end of November 2023, the Reversal took place and the Gateway to the Universe opened.

What will you notice? That depends on you yourself. If you are still fearful, selfish and aggressive, then you won’t notice much. However, if you have already activated your higher chakras, closed your aura protectively and opened the connection to the Universe, then probably a lot. It can happen in different ways. You can see their vehicles in the sky. In your dreams, you get to see extraterrestrials. You may even experience them making contact with your consciousness while you are visualizing, meditating or praying, walking through nature or doing yoga. Inspiring and channeling is then possible. The Schumann Institute Netherlands offers courses to achieve this open state of consciousness.

What should you do when the alien brothers and sisters approach you?

Here are some guidelines (courtesy of the Galactic Federation):

  • **Stay calm and avoid fear. **
    Our collective vibration is the key. If humanity reacts with fear and hostility, it can lead to caution or even conflict with the extraterrestrials. Meeting unknown cosmic allies with an open heart and mind will produce the most positive outcome. The Gateway to the Universe has been opened !
  • **Follow contact protocols.**
    Groups such as CSETI have developed contact protocols to ensure safe, peaceful and mutually beneficial contacts. These include the use of light, sound, meditation and telepathy to make friendly contact. Following established protocols helps prevent misunderstandings.
    **Increase your vibration.**
    By raising our personal frequency through practices such as yoga, meditation, healthy living and acts of love and service, we become more attuned to highly evolved ETs. Increasing collective consciousness makes open contact more likely.
    **Sending telepathic invitations.**
    By welcoming extraterrestrials with focused intention and telepathy, we signal our willingness to interact. Cosmic allies cannot connect if we are closed off because of fear or disinterest.Mentally inviting contact attracts friendly alliances
    **Spread awareness responsibly.**

    Share knowledge about ETs in a measured manner to avoid unnecessary alarm.Make it clear that cosmic civilizations come in peace and are here to support our evolution.Avoid exaggeration and fear-mongering. With the right attitude and preparations, humanity can move toward dealing openly with extraterrestrial friends in a constructive, ethical manner. Avoiding hysteria and following contact protocols will enable intergalactic alliances that further our planetary ascension.

Channeling/Telepathy and Communication:
While we await direct personal encounters with extraterrestrials, many people currently communicate with extraterrestrials through a variety of indirect methods. Channeling/Telepathy, in which an individual serves as a channel for extraterrestrial communication, is perhaps the most common and powerful technique.

Channelers enter a meditative or trance state to connect with an extraterrestrial consciousness and receive information. This is often done intuitively and telepathically without spoken words. Alternatively, some channelers allow cosmic entities to speak through them, transmitting messages orally or automatically in writing.

The information transmitted during channeling sessions covers a wide range of spiritual, philosophical, scientific and metaphysical topics. These messages come from advanced extraterrestrial intelligence, including the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Andromedans, Sirians and more. Although much information is transmitted through channeling, the primary goal is spiritual evolution and human enlightenment.

In addition to channeling, people receive extraterrestrial transmissions through dreams, visions, telepathy and even downloaded directly into consciousness. The means and clarity of communication vary, but the essential message is that humanity has allies in the cosmos working for our collective awakening and ascension. By learning to tap into subtler areas of reality, open contact and dialogue can unfold.

Looking ahead:
The potential of future relationships with cosmic friends is exciting to think about. Although contact so far has been limited, I strongly believe that our allies are gently preparing humanity for more open interaction and cooperation. As we mature spiritually and advance technologically, we will be increasingly ready to join our galactic neighbors.

With time and wisdom, humanity could transition to a planetary civilization that nurtures cosmic kinship. The opportunities for shared growth through trade, communication and knowledge exchange are profound. Our cosmic allies hope
likely that one day we will be peaceful ambassadors representing humanity in the larger community of conscious beings. There are certainly universal truths that we have yet to understand.

To achieve that goal, it is necessary to put faith in human potential and avoid skepticism. With progressive revelation, cosmic friends will illuminate new possibilities. But humanity must walk its own path and not embrace or reject visitors. As we expand our consciousness, we can manifest our highest shared destiny manifest. The future remains unwritten – and our allies wait patiently for our willingness.

Although the road ahead is long, each step brings us closer to our highest ideals. As we open our minds to new perspectives, embrace our shared hopes and act with compassion act, our future will shine brightly in the cosmos. As we prepare for possible encounters and acknowledge the vastness of the cosmos recognize, we pave a path to live respectfully together. Through shared understanding and the pursuit of peaceful cooperation, our journey toward dealing with alien neighbors holds the promise of a better, interconnected future for both Earth and the cosmic community!

Thanks to the Galactic Federation for the above practical guidance.

Berend Warrink

If you are, or have been, dealing with illness, unprocessed emotions, depression, inserted chips, mindcontrol, abuse, struggles with beliefs or sexuality in your life, the Schumann Resonance is the solution. 

Take the decision to become your own director or captain of your life and sign up for one of the upcoming Schumann Resonance courses. This course has already been followed by more than 7000 people and has been taught successfully for more then 10 years by Anton Teuben and his team.

Check our Calendar for a presentation or course.

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