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The first “Special Schumann Hunebed Tour” with Ard Pisa is behind us.

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The first “Special Schumann Hunebed Tour” with Ard Pisa is behind us.

Anton & Ard held a “Special Schumann Hunebed Tour” on August 14 & 15 for people who wanted to learn more about hunebeds, the Schumann resonance and at the same time feel the high energy and anchor the Schumann resonance.

We can now say that this was a success! Ard Pisa shared his knowledge in a very beautiful way, taking you into a story that you really feel. You tap into the high energy that the hunebeds create and some people even experience a piece of the past that the stones carry with them. Others intensely enjoy the high frequency they feel.

Anton took people into a higher consciousness to activate the self-healing ability and anchor the higher consciousness in the area and in the people themselves. In this way everyone contributes to create the new earth.

In between the hunebeds everyone was able to enjoy the rich and beautiful nature in the area. Truly a beautiful piece of earth to walk. All in all we received only beautiful and interesting reactions from the people who came along.

Would you also like to experience such a Special Schumann Tour? You can sign up on October 24th at Be quick, because full = full.

If you are, or have been, dealing with illness, unprocessed emotions, depression, inserted chips, mindcontrol, abuse, struggles with beliefs or sexuality in your life, the Schumann Resonance is the solution. 

Take the decision to become your own director or captain of your life and sign up for one of the upcoming Schumann Resonance courses. This course has already been followed by more than 7000 people and has been taught successfully for more then 10 years by Anton Teuben and his team.

Check our Calendar for a presentation or course.

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