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Tamara Veraart

Now with my healing work, I help individuals and business owners resolve health issues and get back in their power, so they grow effortlessly to freedom in their lives and businesses.

My soul mission has revealed itself and therefore I am now fully in my power, freed from old beliefs and systems. I am truly soulful and very free and happy, everything flows again in my life and have peace.

I am “the milkman’s daughter. My dad went door-to-door with the milk truck. I rolled into sales as a young girl, and over the past eleven years, I have had one-on-one conversations with thousands of people and helped them grow their businesses offline and online.


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I help you to look at your pain, to transform it into a FREER LIFE so that you too are happy and joyful again!

My whole life has been about pleasing others because of loneliness and struggles within myself. I lost myself completely and often had physical complaints.

At one point I worked myself into such a deep pit that I could do nothing but climb out. From then on, one lesson after another came my way. It was time to face everything. All the pain, all the trauma and all the loneliness.

I had nothing left to lose. Especially not after the passing of my mother in August 2018 and my father in July 2021. That’s when you really get thrown back on yourself.

My father was my biggest example where I had adopted the old pattern of pleasing and caring for others, just to be liked.

Little by little I started to peel off layers and masks. Turn inward. Discovering who Tamara really is.

Still, I look back on this period in my life in a positive way because in hindsight it turned out to be one big gift. In order to understand and accept why I had lost myself, I first had to go to my inner world.

In the past 8 years, I have taken several in-depth training, courses and training in the field of intuitive development, coaching, high sensitivity and consciousness.

Then my real transformation process began and completely changed my life. The training included themes such as ancestor healing and clearing family lines. Attended training at the Lightworkers Academy such as giving Karmic healing sessions, cleansing karma from past lives and this life, timeline healing and Inner-Child sessions.

I learned to understand that we all have traumas! And that the only way to resolve traumas is to face them. And that the best way to do this is with the right guidance, by someone who understands you, who knows the way to that inner freedom.

All the answers can be found within yourself!

Tamara Veraart

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Events Universal Village - Winsum Groningen

Presentatie Nieuwe Aarde - WInsum

Open uitnodiging aan de inwoners van heel Noord-Nederland en Winsum
Namens de leden van het Schumann Instituut nodig ik, Anton Teuben, inwoner van Winsum, u allen van harte uit voor een informatieve en openhartige bijeenkomst op zaterdagavond 16 maart in “De Blauwe Schuit”.

Het Doel van deze bijeenkomst:
Graag leg ik en onze gasten uit waarom het Schumann instituut in Winsum is gevestigd en waarom wij solidair zijn met alle burgers die twijfels hebben over het huidige regeringsbeleid (Europees beleid, wereldbeleid) w.o. het stikstof-, energie-, klimaat-, gezondheids-, economie-, militair-, justitiebeleid, etc.

Tevens lichten wij de handelwijze…

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