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Scientific explanation

What is the Schumann Resonance?

Schumann resonances are peaks in the ELF part of the electromagnetic spectrum that occur in the Earth’s atmosphere. They were predicted by Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952 and demonstrated in the 1960s.

Scientific explanation​

There is evidence that Schumann resonance, an electromagnetic vibration in the atmosphere, plays a role in healing and health. Below you will find the evidence and explanations.

The pineal gland is sensitive to electromagnetic fields in the ELF (extremely low frequency, 1-100 Hz) range.

Human health is intensely linked to the natural electromagnetic vibrations in our environment. This goes even further than the pineal gland.


Since the early 1970s, EEGs of meditation practitioners, remote viewers (clairvoyants) and energy therapists have been studied to see if their brain waves are related to their particular state of consciousness. A common phenomenon discovered was that these people, while engaged in their activity, produced brain waves at the borderline between the alpha and beta ranges, 7.0-8.0 Hz, also called “slow alpha waves”.

It turned out that their brain waves, in their altered state of consciousness, became regularly in step, that is, became equal in phase and frequency to the base frequency (7.8 Hz) of the Schumann resonance, despite the fact that it fluctuates continuously by up to 0.5 Hz. The frequency was simply followed by the brain waves.

From this they concluded that our brains undergo ‘entrainment’ by the Schumann resonance: they get in step with it. The fact that this happens off and on is explained with the so-called “free running periods” or “silent phases” of our brain.

From within, the brain’s alpha rhythm is driven for periods of 1.5 to 28 seconds by electrical signals of 6 to 10 Hz that come from groups (nuclei) of brain cells in the thalamus (an area located in the brain stem, deep inside our brain), whose offshoots reach into the cerebral cortex, the outer layer of our brain.


Between these periods are pauses of 2 to 20 seconds, called the “free-loop periods” or “silent phases. During these free-running periods, when the brain is momentarily not under the influence of the thalamic nuclei, it can vibrate along with the Schumann resonance. The thalamic nuclei produce electrical wave trains of 6-10 Hz for periods of 1 to 3 seconds, which can continue for up to 28 seconds.

During inner relaxation sessions to promote one’s self-healing (self-healing), entrainment of the brain waves (EEG) by the heart rhythm (ECG) is also often observed. In fact, then the (in the head) sixty times stronger electrical field of the heart takes that of the brain into its rhythm.

‘Entrainment’ can be compared to what happens when two pendulum clocks hang on one wall. So they are connected to each other by this wall. When they are newly hung, they tick in a different rhythm, but over time they tick in the same rhythm, as the more powerful clock imposes its rhythm on the weaker one, transmitting its energy through the wall.

In a living organism, the electromagnetic vibration sources, such as heart and brain, are coupled together, making entrainment possible. This is a form of resonance, which saves the vibration sources together energy.

Measurements have also been made of the electromagnetic fields emitted by the body, such as on the hands of energy therapists while they give treatment, for example by hand-laying or “irradiating” a few centimeters or decimeters away from the patient. Again, the same low-frequency waves and wave patterns were recorded as in their EEG and in the Schumann resonance.

To summarize one and all, in the above discoveries it seems that something in the therapist’s hands is activated when he/she relaxes and through this relaxation enables his/her EEG to adopt the rhythm of the basic frequency of the Schumann resonance. This appears to be associated with an increased capacity for self-healing in the person currently under treatment and also in the therapist himself.


So far, the author has been unable to find any literature that showed that these relationships were not there. The word “self-repair” refers to the following process: as long as it is alive, an organism will strive to maintain its internal balance in terms of metabolism, tissue intactness, etc. Once this balance is disturbed, the organism will attempt to restore it. This is called “homeostasis.

The organism becomes sick when damage is done faster than it can repair it. If the damage stops in time, the organism can still recover. If the balance of the organism is disturbed beyond a certain point, a disease can develop, which in the most serious cases ends fatally. If an organism’s self-healing ability is stimulated, it can lead to faster and more effective restoration of its internal balance.

It seems that the human body can tune into the electromagnetic waves of Schumann resonance in the atmosphere. According to models found in the literature, these vibrations are received and amplified by various nano-structures in and around the brain.

This allows synchronization of brain waves with the Schumann resonance during the periods when they are not driven by the thalamic nuclei. By conducting these waveforms throughout the body via the perineural system, they become available to the entire body and stimulate self-healing.

In principle, if the suspected correlation between the Schumann resonance and self-healing is true, it should be possible to stimulate self-healing by biofeedbeck training of brainwave synchronization with the Schumann resonance.

It is proposed to develop a biofeedback system for the training of brainwave synchronization with the Schumann resonance, to promote self-healing, as a supportive tool in a broad field of medicine.

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