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Program September 9th in Winsum (Universal Village)

This is the news

Extraterrestrial contact in the Netherlands and Belgium !!!

Worldwide inter-dimensional contact has existed since Homo erectus. Over the centuries, institutions have hidden it from the world’s population. That has now come to an end and everywhere we find the evidence and many are taking responsibility to bring it to the attention of an ever-widening public. Many people understand that we are not alone and are doing their own research. As one of the oldest UFO hotlines worldwide, we are now fully capable of explaining to hungry people looking for the true news with facts and evidence about our visitors and the reason why “they” are watching us closely.

On September 9th, in ‘the Blauwe Schuit’ in Winsum (universal village), we will explain the many special objects and our peaceful universal visitors from 6 p.m. onwards. We share the universal knowledge what is passed on to humanity worldwide by our visitors and are the ultimate solutions to the global impasse.

The Netherlands and Belgium play a very large role in the disclosure of this inter-dimensional contact and everyone may now know what has occurred in the Netherlands and, among others, in November 2004 in Winsum above our office on the Lombok. At that time we reported this immediately to the college and council members in Winsum and regional media and police. It is now known that thousands of people in the Northern Netherlands were able to experience this, some of whom want to share their story with the public in Winsum.

Once again we invite the regional media and college of B & W of municipality Het Hogeland to hear “this big news” and draw their conclusions. The role of our media and politics is now being put to the test…do they investigate or do they further sideline themselves by ignoring or concealing the biggest news. The history of Groningen and Friesland play a crucial role in the announcement of extraterrestrial contact which is based on (source) consciousness and is free of belief systems and religions.

Thus, on september 9th we can bring to light issues related to extraterrestrial contact and the discovery by many of the term Schumann resonance and the possibilities for self-healing by reclaiming the free energy in the ether. Our earth has a heartbeat and is a living organism that provides us with all the ingredients and life energy to function optimally and rediscover who and what we are.

Schedule Saturday, september 9th:

By whom, from where and why are we being visited? Anton Teuben (of the oldest UFO hotline) and Petra Antoinette give the latest news on extraterrestrial contact. Berend Warrink talks about life in 3D, 4D & 5D. Wijnand Veldhuizen takes us into the present through numerology. Duncan & Petra bring us news from abroad. And of course we pay attention to the heartbeat of the Earth (Schumann resonance), the possibilities for the well-being of every living being and our planet and we will have conversations about this and exchange experiences with guests. The world is waking up and “A New Earth” is emerging with a peaceful, respectful and loving consciousness. We need to inform our children, who are our new empathetic leaders.

6:00 pm Anton Teuben – Universal News & the SR
6:45 pm Berend Warrink – Living in 3D, 4D and 5D
7:45 p.m. Duncan Robles & Petra Antoinette – What’s going on now?
8:15 pm Break
8:45 pm Wijnand Veldhuizen – Numerology & Actuality
9:30 pm Erik & Nienke and others – Experiences
10:15 – 10:30 pm Contact with Anton & Petra

Universe is magic and love is the key

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