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Objects also appear over Holland and Winsum (universal Village)

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Objects also appear over Holland and Winsum (universal Village)

All over the world the messages are now pouring in about the many special objects being seen by people. As the oldest UFO hotline in the Netherlands, we would like to respond to this from Winsum where objects have been seen again in recent days. There is interdimensional contact and many of the objects, orbs, cylinders etc. are not of earthly origin. The worldwide contact is peaceful and is visibly expanding steadily.

In Winsum (universal village) where our hotline is located together with the Schumann Institute, it is becoming increasingly clear that the northern Netherlands is a special part of our earth. Many are not yet aware of the history of Groningen and Friesland and the fact that consciousness was already there and people lived there before religions could settle in the Netherlands. Chronicles show that lights were seen in the sky over the north thousands of years ago.

From all angles the news is now coming about the objects with all kinds of conclusions that are not based on the full truth. We follow all these news reports where we can advise people to follow themselves and stay away or realize that the mainstream media has little or no knowledge on this subject and therefore people are unnecessarily left with doubts and concerns. Let us realize it well “We Are the News” and give the facts through, and the Energy updates the latest news updates from home and abroad.

These are the facts; Our planet has always been visited from the time humans walked here. The evidence is overwhelming and is regularly broadcast via History Channel, Gaia TV, etc., among others. After the development of nuclear weapons, help from the highest dimensions of the universe was necessary to keep us and the earth from self-destruction. Also through this contact, many found out that we had neglected our planet.  From the interdimensional contact that followed in many world citizens we received the most essential universal knowledge with which we can and have raised our vibration and consciousness and the creation of the New Earth is now unfolding further and further by embodying it.

You can follow more information about our visitors and the objects almost daily in the coming period through the Energy-Updates and through presentations in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Thus we can be found on March 1 Winsum (open afternoon) March 6 in Meterik (Limburg), March 7 Oostkamp (Belgium), March 8 Tilburg, March 12 Hoogeveen, etc. Here you can find the agenda where you can sign up and is regularly updated.

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