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This Is The News!!!
The Netherlands is turning green; 2023 THE YEAR OF TRUTH!!!

The Netherlands spoke and massively lost confidence in the current coalition and the entire political system. There was no openness, no transparency and no listening to groups directly identified as minority groups. 40% …. those are millions who consciously did not cast their vote because they no longer trust any party and know more about e.g. geoengineering, chemtrails and the passage through the photon belt related to climate change, vaccines and the pharmaceutical industry, know about natural new forms of energy that can replace fossil fuels, nuclear power, windmills and even solar panels, the Schumann Resonance and the possibilities for better health and well-being of you, your children and the entire eco-system and planet…. and millions more knowing about the fact that we are being visited and we are not alone in the universe. Back in 2012, with SOPN, we brought these issues to the attention of the chamber elections. Even then we noted how dire the situation was within politics and media. Agendas and programs determined what could be covered. Millions had already lost faith in the institutions with one-sided fear-based news and with the help of a.i. what was presented as truth. Fortunately, we see through it, connect and take the initiative.

Now there are new leaders who have their feet in the clay, have their big doubts about the nitrogen issue and are looking with their own eyes at the arrival of the masts, all the mobile networks and how chemtrails and radiation are disrupting nature, where many animals have disappeared and the number of diseases has increased alarmingly, and so on. There are opportunities for everyone again if BBB keeps its word and listens to what else is going on and is definitely not about minority groups.

We therefore immediately invite representatives from Farmers, Citizens and Movement (BBB) to take note of the conclusions of the Schumann Institute, which correspond to the scientific and practical proofs what possibilities the Schumann Resonance offers for self-healing and that this knowledge be reintroduced into education with the greatest urgency. We are of course aware that within the ranks of farmers close to nature many are already aware of the Schumann Resonance and the ley lines. We should expect honest politics and media to pay attention to this immediately. BBB can purge itself of all blame and prejudice by taking this up immediately.

Another point to which we call immediate attention and to which many farmers in the Netherlands are co-witnesses, is about the universal events worldwide and especially in the particular North Netherlands in municipality Het Hogeland. For 20 years we have informed the College of B and W, but so far never received an answer. Therefore, after 20 years, we have had enough and we take the initiative to represent countless Dutch people and assume that the BBB will keep their words and accept our invitation… something other parties promised and never delivered. What millions of whistleblowers know: The Netherlands has not been a democracy for a long time, but it can become a democracy again if there is respect, understanding and no judgment without investigation. We, citizens, now determine society by controlling and adjusting politics, media and other institutions. With the new situation, after many years, there is a chance for democracy to return and for us to put our energy into ourselves. This means that we no longer put our energy into the parties that have misled us and themselves for decades and are the greatest cause of much misery and sorrow and have now cast themselves aside. The people have spoken and are connecting more and more. We can now cast aside our fears, leave the past behind and make a new start. Not by fighting, but giving knowledge back to the people and especially our children. Something that was deliberately removed from education by the institutions and has now become their downfall.

This is the news and of utmost importance

Our earth is a living organism with a heartbeat, which science calls the Schumann Resonance. When this was still being researched, the scientific conclusion was that the free life energy can activate our self-healing ability. The earth offers all the ingredients to restore us to health and awareness of who we really are. Fortunately already known to many farmers, citizens and outdoorsmen.

The earth has always been visited from the universe and after World War II contact was made with humanity and governments about that we had begun to destroy our planet. 20 years ago this contact intensified among many people in the Netherlands and especially in the Northern Netherlands, specifically municipality Het Hogeland. Several are now willing to share their knowledge to take away the fear of the extraterrestrial and why Groningen and Friesland are so special. This will happen on Saturday, April 1 in the Blauwe Schuit in Winsum which has now become a Universal Village. Our visitors are indistinguishable from us and have long been among us, much further in consciousness and are sharing their universal knowledge and ultimate solutions with us, which is understood by almost everyone and is of very great importance for our children.

The time is now and we ask everyone to keep following us as much as possible, because more and more positive news is going to reach the people. Especially because we, the People, have become the News and Holland is now in the green as a whole and we are making it green again by giving back to humanity the full truth which is of vital importance.

2023: The Year of Liberation. Man takes responsibility, connects, speaks his/her own truth and is the news. We are now making the greatest choices ever: will it be artificial intelligence or human/universal intelligence

Universe is magic and you are the loving key

We invite you to witness on April 1 what millions of people already know about.

This will happen in the Blue Barge on April 1, through our Energy updates, Internet sites and social media. For more information, visit

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2 thoughts on “Newsletter March”

  1. Komt er ook nog een berichtgeving van de gebeurtenissen van de aankomende 1 april ? ,aangezien ik dit door mijn handycap niet kan bijwonen ?
    Hartelijke groet : Kees van der Koppel

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