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This Is The News!!!

It is already April, spring has begun and the sun is shining brightly again. The month started off pretty well right away, with a beautiful event from Universal Village Winsum, in Groningen. Even the local news station was present and started spreading the news with us. We are being visited by our friends from the universe. Both they and we are beings of frequence with universal knowledge and powers. Many new people came to our event in all age groups, which was incredibly beautiful and nice to see. Please continue to share this news with us, side by side. The video report of this event can be viewed here.

Many people around the world have already learned about both the Schumann Resonance and our extraterrestrial friends. However, we find that it is difficult for some to hold the energy and remain at peace and balanced. There are many distractions, especially from the digital grid. Be aware of this. It is especially important at this time to keep your energy level and clean. Not to forget who you are, where you came from and what kind of strengths and potentials you all possess. Therefore we are organizing a return day on June 4 for all our former students and strongly recommend everyone to attend. For more information and registration click here. We want to use this day to update and re-anchor the heartbeat of the earth. With a large group at the same time, together, because it is so important right now to connect!

Schumann Institute is therefore also calling on all regions to connect and meet more. To put down more presentations and courses and to do flyers. Let us make sure that also the people who have not yet been informed about our potency and origin may now receive information about it. Connecting can be done through the Telegram groups that have been set up per region. In Groningen you can also always join the open afternoons in Winsum, registration is necessary. Be welcome.

In addition to the return day, Schumann Institute continues to organize several presentations and courses which are listed in our calendar. Feel free to also draw people’s attention to this and invite them to do so, hang up a Schumann Institute flyer in your area, at your local school for example. We need to pay extra attention to our children now and be there for them. They still have the source connection to the original consciousness and the ability to keep it. We need to support them in this. In addition, we may send much love to every being on this earth and in the universe; that is where it all begins.

Universe is magic and love is the key!

We wish you all the best and until the next newsletter.

Heartwarming greetings, connected in love.

Team Schumann Instituut Nederland

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