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The Schumann Resonance course is taught with great enthusiasm and current updates, especially as we see that course participants rediscover themselves and are reborn by connecting with the heartbeat of the earth. This gives you new insights on how to make it a better world and starting with yourself.

The Schumann Resonance is the vibration between the Earth’s core and the outer layer of the ionosphere, about 65 kilometers above the Earth. Everything that lives on this planet is connected to this vibration, say the heartbeat of the Earth. However, present-day humanity is not aware of this, because we have not been taught to connect energetically to this vibration.

We are no longer able to feel what is happening in our bodies and minds due to our hectic society. Most people are out of control because of this. We look for everything we need and desire outside of ourselves, when it can only be found within ourselves. This is where the Schumann Resonance plays a tremendously important role. By tuning into it, one takes in the life energy that only the Earth can give us. One receives one’s “grounding” from the Earth, which literally brings one back down to earth.

Live Schumann Resonance Course Program

This resonance is truly vital. When one can consciously allow this to flow through the body, one becomes more calm, positive, stronger, healthier and happier almost immediately. You are less susceptible to disease and can more easily let go of anything that hinders you from moving forward. The Schumann Resonance provides the energy and insight to regain peace, clarity and clarity for yourself. Tranquility is the basis of creation.

When applied, the integration of Schumann resonance offers the following possibilities, among others:
The following topics, among others, are covered in this course
Day 1:
Day 2:

If you are, or have been, dealing with illness, unprocessed emotions, depression, inserted chips, mindcontrol, abuse, struggles with beliefs or sexuality in your life, the Schumann Resonance is the solution. 

Also now take the decision to become your own director or captain of your life and sign up for one of the upcoming Schumann Resonance courses. This course has already been followed by more than 7000 people and has been taught successfully for more then 10 years by Anton Teuben and his team.

There are three prices available for this live course. Because we like to make the course as accessible as possible, we have a low price of €175,00 VAT Free. If you would like to support us, you can also choose the price of €200,00 or €225,00 VAT Free. With this you make a donation to the Schumann Institute Netherlands.

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