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My name is Joyce, born in 1980 and I live in Neede. This is located in the Achterhoek. Together with my partner we have two beautiful sons.

From January 2023 (after having worked in education for over 18 years) I started my own holistic practice. Here I guide people with a request for help and work on increasing/restoring the energy balance in the body. Thereby, the Schumann resonance is also integrated during the treatment sessions I give.

In October 2020 I visited Winsum for the first time and followed the course with Anton. A year later I took the trainer course because I feel a tremendous desire to contribute to building a very beautiful, positive world. I like to inspire people and also enjoy working with groups of people.

Therefore, I now give presentations and courses on the Schumann Resonance especially in the eastern part of our country. I do this together with other fellow trainers and volunteers of the Schumann Institute. We have a beautiful location at “Hart van Grolle” in Groenlo where we give courses. But I go to several places for the presentations. For example, I have already been to a church, a community center, a hall center, but also living room meetings. Anything is possible!

It is incredibly beautiful to see and experience for myself how people’s consciousness is expanding and how more and more people are tuning in to the healing vibration of the earth to use this for their own health and wellbeing and in doing so put a lot into action for the collective.

As Anton always says: “Universe is magic and love is the key!”

Let your energy flow again!

"I feel a tremendous desire to contribute to building a very beautiful, positive world."

Joyce Nijboer

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