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Jolanda Weijers

I started looking for the reason for my “being on Earth” and who I really AM. I knew that things in our world were not right, could not put my finger on it. I went in search of my truth. A fascinating journey that brought me much and in which I came to other insights. I came in contact with another consciousness, intuition, personal development, healing and more.
After the death of my husband, this development took another turn and I was able to make contact with other layers of consciousness and mediumship became a field of attention. This created the feeling that I could support other people in their processes, I had a practice where I worked 1 on 1 and with groups and stood in front of halls. There was still an unanswered puzzle piece in me and I kept looking.

Hai, my name is Jolanda Weijers, born in the year 1963 in Beuningen (Gld).
Growing up in a family where hard work was required, I was always an “odd duck”. After elementary school, I had to go to the big city, hated it, high school, school at all. I wanted to do something! Received training, then worked for years in various places in care. Bereavement counseling and terminal care were my strengths. Until I had a car accident in 1997, in which I was not here for a while. You could say “a near-death experience,” without the tunnel. After that, my life changed forever.


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Then the year 2020 when suddenly our world seemed to be turned upside down, panic, fear it was a bizarre feeling with me “this is not right”! I started looking for answers again. An instructive time in which I really began to see and experience the world differently. While searching, I ended up at the Schumann Resonance, which led me to Anton Teuben and the Schumann Institute Netherlands. In short, I found a solution, something I needed at that moment.

Immediately I signed up for the 2-day course and I was sold. It felt like coming home and being seen. It felt so good and gave me so much peace in the most turbulent time ever, that pretty soon I signed up for the trainer/coach training. January 2022 was the time, the 3-day training, again a deepening in and for myself. It’s a simple and clear way for me to experience alignment with consciousness and the heartbeat of the Earth, and because of this much beauty has come my way.
I share it, and love to pass it on to you, through coaching or course. I teach the course at a beautiful location in France, where in addition to the course you can experience the power and simplicity of Mother Earth simply by being there.

Do you want to connect with Source? Activate and restore your self-healing capacity. Do you want to know again who YOU are? Experience peace? Become detached from 3d and mind control? Get back to your feelings. Then this might be something for you! I would love to meet you.

Immediately I signed up for the 2-day course and I was sold.
It felt like coming home and being seen.

Jolanda Weijers

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