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Joke Straathof

As a result, you develop more self-confidence, relaxation, joy and regain control of your life. You release your limiting beliefs and replace fear and stress with peace and confidence.

About me:
I grew up in Flevopolder on a farm. In my spare time, I make music and love cozy evenings with friends. I also enjoy hiking and biking with my partner and of course our adult children.

If you are looking for more connection, peace, love, awareness, overview, fun and relaxation, you have come to the right place.

With great enthusiasm I teach people like you, by sharing knowledge, awareness and techniques, including the Schumann Resonance, to let go of old ballast, so that your energy increases again to its original natural state. This creates space to feel Love flowing again.


🇳🇱 NL (Dronten)



With great pleasure, I worked for years as a nurse in the hospital and later as a freelancer in home care. Through life experiences, I came into contact with holistic healing and treatment methods, NLP and hypnotherapy. I have enjoyed passing this knowledge on to clients in my practice full-time, as an anxiety expert, since 2019. I always view and treat issues from a holistic perspective.

In addition, I teach the Schumann Resonance course.

In 2008 I did the first Schumann course, which Anton Teuben gave then. Since then we have always kept in touch and I later organized the course here in Dronten and did the trainer training in 2022, so I can start teaching the course myself.

And as Anton says, “Universe is magic and Love is the key”.

Click on the Schumann Resonance course for more information about the course taught by me. If ordering is not possible, please send me an email.

As Anton says, "Universe is magic and Love is the key".

Joke Straathof

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