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Hettie IJff

Hello, My name is Hettie IJff, I was born in Amsterdam in 1951. At the age of 4, my mother died and I was send to the orphanege in Amsterdam and from their to a foster family in Coevorden, Drente.

Now in hindsight, I started a beautiful journey here on earth to learn a lot. In my adolescence, school was not my thing either and at 16 years old I started working in a pony camp in Voorthuizen ( I had to
go to the evening school 3x a week) fortunately, because of that I could follow the nursing training. In addition to nursing, I have always ridden and taught horses at a high level. I chose in nursing the technical side Theatre room , First aid ic/cc


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After my first hernia I went for 6 years in Brazil to do development work, 3 years setting up basic health care in Cidade de Deus, a favella in Rio de Janeiro and 3 years in the Amazon I introduced Motherchild care of Unicef and participatory management . (helping cooperatives become self- supporting)

In 1995 I returned to the Netherlands and did many education and training for self-development including music therapy, system work with families and organizations, Mirroring with horses, and I have been able to guide many people to get their way out of fear and burnout.

In addition, I had a care farm for youngsters 24/7 for 14 years, which I stopped 1.5 years ago, because of the burocracy that increasingly consumed our time from the young people. In October 2021, I became ill with Covid and was visited by archangels (or extratereestials?) they took me somewhere and showed me that I also have a lot of influence over entities, which are not present on earth. Then I dived into Angelology and enjoy assisting people through this ancient wisdom.

Last summer I came into  ontact with the Schumann Institute and I have now incorporated the great insights I received into my other beautiful coaching activities. It fits together seamlessly.

And I share these insights with passion. Because if you understand what these are, you start to feel different, you become happier and you fear we encounter everyday in our life, is not an issue anymore. If you understand the principle of Schumann resonance, a new world opens up for you.

I learned the power of zero point energy (Tesla energy , Tachion, ether ,Schumann energy you name it). It is the love energy of mother earth, which everyone embraces. You create your own world like in a play and if you don’t like it anymore you turn it into another play.

That’s the beauty of life, you can always choose a different path. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong it is an experience for you.  Along the way in my life I have learned that, to step from the victim role, that everything happens to you and you have no choices yourself, to awareness that all the choices that are made on your life path give you the opportunity to love yourself. I am so grateful that I feel all that in my body now and I would like to give people that wonderful joyful feeling.

What can I offer you?

1. One to One counseling
2. Group coinseling
3. Introductio what is Schumanresenance
4. Twoday traing Schuman Resenance

On my Website you also find information about Angelology and my heling room Info

I learned the power of zero point energy
It is the love energy of mother earth, which everyone embraces.

Hettie IJff

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