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Zaandam native Frank Bonte (b. 1937) is known to many people as a pioneer in the field of ‘free energy’ or zero point energy. And although in recent decades he worked mainly as a residential biologist, he now calls himself a ‘science creator’. Bonte: “I finally see why I’m here on Earth, and now greet people with ‘Hello I’m Frank, science creator’. Although he is a techie who enjoys doing physics research and has researched all kinds of engineering tools, he now sees it as his job to help people remember things we have forgotten and recall old knowledge that has been withheld from us for energy in the broadest sense. Bonte: “In that, I feel privileged, because we are all now in the front row of a major shift in consciousness. All we really have to do now is say ‘no’ to the negative system, and the ‘problem’ will be solved.” Of everything that happens to me, I am the science creator. I think all of us as souls have chosen to come here at this time, and we ourselves have caused all the misery that we now get to solve.

My father was a school teacher and gave me a happy childhood, but I was not cut out for college and ended up in electrical engineering after high school. Later I ended up in the computer industry, when it was still in its infancy with punch cards full of ones and zeros. Even then I saw that everything is information and consists of polarities. After I suffered burn-out around 1988, I ended up on the spiritual path. Then I became a residential biologist and the knowledge of Nikola Tesla and zero-point energy came my way. Together with others, I made coils and devices that could extract energy from the ether and so I managed, for example, to make my car drive more economically. But many inventions turned out to work only temporarily and seemed to be affected by their user. This led me, after years of research, to the conclusion that it is not about devices, but about consciousness.

Prior to this came my meetings with all kinds of sensitive therapists, which made me more concerned with health of people and all things living. We actually had a club of technos and sensos who started working together and I was clearly a techie, haha. In terms of health,
I learned a lot from the therapist Woutje Winkler-Prins. From her I got the saying, ‘You can only ask a question if you already know the answer.’

Woutje worked a lot with symbols, which you could measure that the body recognizes and energizes. I traveled a lot and went to China, India, Egypt and Bosnia and visited power places in those and other countries. Then you see that there are structures put there in special places or objects constructed in certain geomatric relationships that generate energy. This energy is difficult to measure because it is scalar waves. It is this energy that Nikola Tesla and the quantum physicist David Boh talked about. However, scalar energy can be measured with a pendulum or felt with our bodies. The Egyptian architect Ibrahim Karim also works with this with his so-called ‘biosignatures’. This is the science that deals with the ‘energy of forms,’ called biogeometry.

More and more people are suffering from radiation {from 4G, 5G, WIFI, and so on}. You can come up with technical solutions for that, but you can also visualize standing in a vertical light tube of 7.83 HZ, the Schumann Resonance. That is why I now work a lot with the Schumann Institute Netherlands. Planting bamboo around your house also helps, those vertical trunks can conduct light energy, so to speak. I agree with someone like Tanni Koens, that we also have the ability to heal ourselves. That we do it ourselves. Talking with plants works and if you look at such a cloudbuster by Wilhelm Reich {well known from the 1985 song Cloudbusting by Kate Bush-red.}, you see that such a device works with a combination of organic and inorganic material, for example wool and iron. You start talking to such a device and ‘it’ works, it becomes animate. This can be done very simply and very cheaply.

If you want to know how this works practically, you can watch the video on Youtube about cattle farmer Jaap Plooi, who used zero-point energy to improve the manure and health of his cows. Apparently, we can plug into an energy or consciousness field, but it seems like a big blanket of mind control hangs over us, causing many people to live a dormant life. We may remove that thick fog of negative forces now. It is unfortunate that there is still little cooperation within our circuit, because together we have a lot of information and knowledge. If we cooperate better, we can end this game on Mother Earth. We can play another game, work on the new earth. Learn to put yourself in the light and the negative will have no more influence.”

"More and more people are suffering from radiation. You can come up with technical solutions for that, but you can also visualize standing in a vertical light tube of 7.83 HZ, the Schumann Resonance"

Frank Bonte

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