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Schumann resonance works as a foundation and complement to a therapeutic profession, in healthcare or education. After taking the Schumann Resonance course, you can use the knowledge and exercises in your own environment or your practice.

Have you taken the Schumann Resonance course, can you integrate the Schumann Resonance and would you like to teach this to others by teaching the Schumann Resonance course? Then follow our trainer/coach training!

Coaching Course​

This resonance is truly vital. When one can consciously allow this to flow through the body, one becomes more calm, positive, stronger, healthier and happier almost immediately. You are less susceptible to disease and can more easily let go of anything that hinders you from moving forward. The Schumann Resonance provides the energy and insight to regain peace, clarity and clarity for yourself. Tranquility is the basis of creation.

What is required for this?
  • You have taken the Schumann Resonance course;
  • You are aware and connected, integrating the Schumann Resonance daily (This means staying positive, taking responsibility and keeping focus on yourself and the energy);
  • You are involved in the awakening of humanity and want to actively contribute to the creation of the new earth.
Day 1:
  • Connecting with yourself and anchoring the energy (integration, alignment and focus)
  • Connection to the greater whole and knowledge transfer to others (1:1 / groups and trainings)
  • The latest state of the world
  • Theoretical background of the Schumann Resonance
Day 2:
  • Inner Earth life and consciousness
  • The universe and universal contact
Day 3:
  • Recap of course days
  • Review homework assignment
  • Common goal: creation new earth
  • Enquete questions
  • Recommendations
  • Practical examples and experiences
  • Ascension experiences
  • Current Developments
  • Knowledge transfer as a SIN Trainer/Coach
  • Safety & calamities during knowledge transfer
  • Working with (large) groups
  • Opportunities, equipment & expectations Coaches/Trainers
  • Expectations from SIN.
Schumann Resonance

The next trainer/coach training will be on:

Dates: April 6th, 7th & 14th – ONLINE + concluding a live meeting
Content: 3 days
Trainer: Anton Teuben
Cost: €400,00 VAT free (including certification and trainer supplies)

After the training you will be a certified trainer-coach and provide independent training or coaching in collaboration with the Schumann Institute Netherlands.

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We ervaren helaas wat uitdagingen op onze website.

Weet dat we hard bezig zijn om het op te lossen, we bieden hierbij onze excuses aan voor eventuele ongemakken.

Wil je deelnemen aan één van onze cursussen/presentaties, dan kan je ons te allen tijde mailen op voor data van de cursussen/presentaties en aanmeldingen.

Mocht de korte Schumann oefening van Anton op de site het niet doen dan kun je de oefening vinden op het YouTube kanaal van Anton Teuben.