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Aura Health

Aucke IJFF

Aura Testing

Aura testing remotely with the 'Corpus Pro' and find the root cause of your symptoms and or deficiency of Trace Elements, Vitamins, Amino Acids and Coenzymes.

Discount Code: SCH 45

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Frank Bonte


Read more news on on different topics for the new world like free energy.

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Extraterrestrial news

Ans Hoornweg


Read more news on on universal news with topics like extraterrestrial beings.

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Saskia Bosman

Science-based inspiration

Science-based inspiration to make you shine with topics like the Schumann Resonance, the Pineal Gland ect.

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Orgonise Netherland

Eric & Nienke


Information on making Cloud Busters, Tower Busters and HHGs.

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Ard Pisa

Ard Pisa


From inspiration lectures on "Ancient Mysteries & Energies" and "Lifestyle & Nature" to special hunbed excursions in magical Drenthe.

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Light Sound Healing

Patricia Arts

It is very important in this transition phase to stay well connected to the heartbeat of TaRRaH (Schumann Resonance), to be well grounded in the new world. The tools I use to guide you in this are my light / source language and sounds (singing bowl - gong - bells).

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Amy Angel

Amy Angel Kgwedi


Amy shares on this website as much information as she can about what she still knows about the upper worlds we all come from.

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Energy abundance

Karsten van Asdonk


Energy Abundance researches and raises awareness of cutting-edge energy technologies.

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Anita Manessen


Terahertz frequencies
The vibration of our cells

Combine Terahertz frequencies with heat and you create the most ultimate condition for your body's "self-healing" ability!

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The Schumann Collective

Tamara Veraart & Elianne Rumahloine

Het Schumann Collectief

the Schumann Collective gives you exclusive access to a wealth of valuable resources and opportunities. Discover an extensive library of inspiring courses, meditations and exercises that will guide you on your path of self-discovery and growth.

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Circular Site

Janet Ossebaard

Circular Site

Everything about crop circles, balls of light, anomalies, UFO's, aliens, Leylines, frontier sciences, human interest.

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Hét EngelenAdresje

Luciënne Schulingkamp

Hèt EngelenAdresje

Is THE Address that symbolizes THE Light Angel Academy, Master in Angel Energy,
Certified Angel Training(s), Healing and Reading.

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Events Universal Village - Winsum Groningen

Presentatie Nieuwe Aarde - WInsum

Open uitnodiging aan de inwoners van heel Noord-Nederland en Winsum
Namens de leden van het Schumann Instituut nodig ik, Anton Teuben, inwoner van Winsum, u allen van harte uit voor een informatieve en openhartige bijeenkomst op zaterdagavond 16 maart in “De Blauwe Schuit”.

Het Doel van deze bijeenkomst:
Graag leg ik en onze gasten uit waarom het Schumann instituut in Winsum is gevestigd en waarom wij solidair zijn met alle burgers die twijfels hebben over het huidige regeringsbeleid (Europees beleid, wereldbeleid) w.o. het stikstof-, energie-, klimaat-, gezondheids-, economie-, militair-, justitiebeleid, etc.

Tevens lichten wij de handelwijze…

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We are pleased with the current developments and can see that humanity is opening up to the solutions and what is essential news for everyone and everything on our planet….