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Calling UFO Witnesses in Gorredijk (Friesland)

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Perhaps you’ve already heard, but the awareness of UFOs in Friesland is being highlighted again. This is a great opportunity to reconnect people. You see, it was almost 50 years ago in 1974 that bright lights and objects were seen in the sky in Gorredijk, a small town in Friesland. This then became world news involving even America.

In 2011 Omrop Fryslān paid extensive attention to this by making a short documentary in cooperation with Anton Teuben, who had been a UFO hotline for 30 years by then. You can watch the documentary below.

Call for UFO witnesses in Gorredijk

Now the museum Opsterlân is putting together an exhibition about the events in Gorredijk. They want to open mid-January next year and ask witnesses of this phenomenon to mail any drawings, images, diary stories about what they have seen or tell their story.

Of course we also want to participate in this, so that it becomes more and more known that we have loving friends in the universe. This is to reconnect the children and people, who already have this knowledge and have become isolated, with others who have had similar experiences.

Hence this article with the call for witnesses to come forward. Fortunately Anton, in all those years of being a UFO hotline, has been able to discover that this phenomenon is occurring all over the country and it also shows itself beyond the borders of the Netherlands. Everywhere on our earth they are seen. Our earth has always been visited and continues to be visited to this day. So people no longer need to be afraid to express themselves because there are many people who can support this.

Through our Energy Updates you can connect with like-minded people. Of course, you can also submit your story, drawings, images to us through our hotline.

We recommend that you always share copies of your images and keep the original yourself.

Through this link you can listen to the call from Friesland.

You can also watch the excerpt by Taede Smedes and Jan de Vries about the renewed interest in UFOs on NPO 1 here.

Anton Teuben will explain next weekend (July 22 & 23, 2023) about the UFO Phenomenon, also called Lightships, at the ParallelFest in Drachten. Tickets are on sale through this link.

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1 thought on “Calling UFO Witnesses in Gorredijk (Friesland)”

  1. Beste mensen, ik ben de Schumann resonantie gaan doen ivm behoorlijke pijnklachten in rug; rechter heup en bovenbeen rechts. Ik doe sinds 5 weken 5 x per week de meditatie evenals fysio en manuele therapie. De pijn blijft en ik zou graag een goeie aanwijzing willen vragen voordat ik naar de huisarts ga voor een corticosteroïde injectie. Ik woon in Alkmaar en ben aangewezen op openbaar vervoer waardoor langs komen niet zomaar is te realiseren.
    Hartelijke groet,
    Marijke Twisk
    Ps Anton van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag. 🎉🎈👏
    Door de cursus heb ik veel verbinding kunnen ervaren met moeder aarde en de binnenzon waar ik heel dankbaar voor ben. 🙏

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