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Bas Buizer

In our practice for Counselling and Coaching  – – we serve people with: 
  1. growing self-awareness and self-acceptance in the now; knowing who we really are;

  2. powerful connection to Source and creation; Energetic vitality;

  3. advancing vital vision from that Source; Delightful destination. 
To this synergistically we enthusiastically inspire with – (non-profit ANBI) – awareness of who we humans are in the Source of unconditional love through Training, Houses of the Heart and Community Work, resulting in activation of self-healing capacity, personal and group growth and increasing awareness of special destiny of man and creation.

What makes me very happy is teaching people to recover by increasing their self-healing capacity, especially my focus is on Natural Vision Without Glasses, Lenses or Lasers, etc..  
The whole body revives from this! 

Happily married to Hilde, I am the father of three beautiful, adult children. Nature, walking, cycling, sports, being together around meaning and making music make me very happy!  

We Serve People With: Growing Self-Awareness And Self-Acceptance In The Now; Knowing Who We Really Are.

Bas Buizer

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Events Universal Village - Winsum Groningen

Presentatie Nieuwe Aarde - WInsum

Open uitnodiging aan de inwoners van heel Noord-Nederland en Winsum
Namens de leden van het Schumann Instituut nodig ik, Anton Teuben, inwoner van Winsum, u allen van harte uit voor een informatieve en openhartige bijeenkomst op zaterdagavond 16 maart in “De Blauwe Schuit”.

Het Doel van deze bijeenkomst:
Graag leg ik en onze gasten uit waarom het Schumann instituut in Winsum is gevestigd en waarom wij solidair zijn met alle burgers die twijfels hebben over het huidige regeringsbeleid (Europees beleid, wereldbeleid) w.o. het stikstof-, energie-, klimaat-, gezondheids-, economie-, militair-, justitiebeleid, etc.

Tevens lichten wij de handelwijze…

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