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The Astrum stargate is a kind of energetic shower. Experience what effect this geometry in cooperation with the glass crystal spheres (Dominus Cervix) have on all cells/structures and blockages in your body and mind. All cells will be reactivated by the vortex that is created from the cooperation of this geometry and the glass crystal spheres.

This is because the spheres adapts directly to your body’s electromagnetic fields. Even your Chakra system is taken in hand by the spheres and all Chakras regain the desired rotation. The Dominus Cervix energy ensures that the energy pathways in your body are maximally connected to the light cells.

This will reactivate your self-healing capacity energetically (thus naturally). As connected to the earth and the universe, you mainly make contact with your senses, meaning with your feelings. You know who you are, what you experience and what your body is capable of.

A astrum Stargate Session

Open up and experience, during a Astrum Stargate session what energy is and how it works. Especially on our body and mind where traumas and blockages have stored themselves over time, initially out of protection for yourself. This often manifests itself through limited beliefs, fixed patterns and addictions. We no longer need this protection and blockages in the here and now, they no longer serve us. On the contrary. Often the blockages are the origin of complaints and diseases that store themselves in specific places of the body and also the mind.


The Stargate is a special, wooden construction in the shape of two interlocking triangles containing 24 recessed geometric amulets. This construction lies on the floor and within it are twenty-four specially pre-programmed glass crystal spheres, placed at specific points. In the center of these triangles is a chair or treatment table, on which the client takes a seat and the session is conducted.

The origins of the Astrum Stargate

Profound knowledge was made available to humanity through messages and clear wisdom. This person received profound insight into sacred geometry and detailed instructions followed to construct a “special trainer” that energetically programs the Dominus Cervix products in a special way. This Astrum Stargate uses handmade glass crystal spheres that are energetically charged with very high energy. This charged energy is placed in the spheres through sacred geometry. This energy no longer leaves the glass crystals.

When applied, the stargate session offers the following possibilities, among others:
  • Achieve a higher level of consciousness and in so doing enlighten the mind and body
  • The cellular structure in the body can be supported and improved where necessary
  • The chakras can be cleansed and the light body activated
  • It dissolves blockages and offers new insights and possibilities
  • Synchronization of the brain takes place
  • Dominus Cervix creates a large, powerful field of light in which everything that resonates negatively dissolves
  • This light field also transforms geopathic fields, negative radiations, negative thoughts/feelings and identities/entities.
The Underlying Idea

The idea is to regain awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. That we know again who we really are. That we are actually beings of light. That we all come from the same source and therefore are all one. That we create our own lives and are therefore responsible for them. And that we are in control, both of our bodies and our lives. The more people begin to remember who they are, the sooner we can help to spread cosmic thinking and acting together again and thus color the world a little more beautifully.

Sessions and fees

A conversation of up to 15 minutes takes place before and also after the session. A session in the Astrum Stargate lasts 60 minutes. In total, the entire session (including the talks) lasts 90 minutes. The price for 1 session is €75,00 VAT Free.

It is also possible to buy a prepaid card for 3 or 6 sessions at the price of €200,00 & €375,00 VAT Free.

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