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Ascension phenomena

Ascension phenomena (Symptoms)

The energy on earth is changing. The energy is getting higher and higher, so to speak. The vibrations are increasing. This creates a lot of turmoil because truths are coming to the surface. Lies have more difficulty continuing. More and more is becoming visible. You hear more scandals coming to light. You may notice it yourself in your immediate environment. You can no longer live in a lie. Your vibration increases. This gives you a higher consciousness. This makes you more aware of your life and how you live. Are you living from your heart or are you still doing what you think others expect of you? Have you hidden away your childhood trauma and is it coming back to the surface in all its intensity? Now is the time to let go of it for good. We can guide you through this.

With this increase in energy there may also be symptoms associated. This increase in energy is also called ascension.

List of 40 symptoms of ascension below:

Restlessness, hot feet, waking up two or three times a night, feeling all kinds of tingling in your body during the night. For others, the need for sleep is reduced and they need less sleep.

Tingling, itching, itchy sensations on the scalp and along the spine. This is an opening of the crown chakra to higher energies.

Sudden outbursts of crying ; suddenly becoming angry or sad for no reason ; feeling an unexplained depressive mood which then turns into a happy feeling. (emotional roller-coaster).

Old pains and wounds bubble to the surface and the people with whom you need to work out these themes reappear in your life when you hadn’t heard from them for years. Emotionally limiting cords and feelings of bitterness and resentment demand to be released ;

Some gain tremendous weight while others lose a lot of weight. This has to do with releasing/holding emotional patterns. In fact, physical weight is largely linked to our hormone balance which in turn is controlled by emotions.

Sometimes very strange food choices. You may suddenly find yourself craving things you would never otherwise eat. Eating habits, again, are largely tied to the emotional swings you go through.

The more you open to higher energies, the more sensitive your energy system will become. Your body tells you what it no longer needs or what no longer serves you.

Sometimes blurred vision, seeing a glare, colors or auras around objects, plants, animals and people. When you close your eyes, you no longer see darkness but a kind of redness. Some see geometric figures, flashes of light, bright colors or images of objects when they close their eyes. Colors are perceived more “vividly.” The sky seems bluer and the grass seems more vividly green. As you become more sensitive, you may perceive shapes or outlines in space, especially when it is almost dark. These are often your guides, angels or other incorporeal entities.

You can be very sensitive to all kinds of sounds. They sometimes seem to come in much sharper, almost unbearable. Other symptoms include hearing strange sounds, beeps or electronic patterns. Some hear something like the rushing of water, the buzzing of bees, crying or ringing sounds. Still others hear strange voices in their dreams, as if someone is standing next to them. Your ears are adjusting to higher frequencies.

Some can smell and taste the chemical additives in food as a foul taste. You smell and taste sharper and can enjoy more foods that contain more life force. It seems like you have a greater “range.” Even the smell of flowers a short distance away can be perceived very vividly by some.

skin rashes, pimples, acne, hives or shingles may occur, again linked to the emotional fluctuations you experience. As you purge your emotional body (forgiveness, letting go of old grudges, anger or frustrations, etc…) you will find that the skin will become calmer.

Periodes van intense energie die ervoor zorgen dat je uit je bed kan springen en in volle actie kan schieten. Deze kunnen dan weer opgevolgd worden door momenten van grote lethargie of vermoeidheid. Deze periodes zijn meestal gerelateerd aan de infusies van hogere frequenties in een bepaalde periode.

Many find that they can no longer focus so easily while meditating. Others gradually let go of “mandatory” meditation as life itself becomes more and more a living, spontaneous meditation.

Suddenly you feel a heat rising from head to toe. Others suddenly feel inexplicably cold (goose bumps). These are manifestations of intense energies flowing into the body.

Neck pain
Back pain
Flu-like symptoms
Changes in digestion
Muscle spasms or cramps
Increased heart rate ; chest pains
Changes in sexual needs
Stiffness or pain of the limbs

With the release of old emotions and limiting beliefs from the past, you literally feel lighter in your skin. Worries no longer weigh so heavily and you begin to look younger and more vital.

Sometimes the dreams are so “real” that you wake up confused. You may even have lucid dreams that you direct and control yourself. Some dreams may contain mystical messages. In some cases, you will know that you are not actually “dreaming” but that you had an experience in other dimensions or realms.

Deaths, divorce, job changes, illnesses and dramatic circumstances. Sometimes they do occur all at the same time. It is a period of letting go of old ties and attachments and learning to fall back on your Self again. They are also signals to open you to feelings of love and compassion for all.

A strong urge to detach yourself from “boring,” limiting jobs, people or situations. You have a tremendous need to “take time for yourself” and find your passion. You want to be creative and stop feeling constrained by others. More need for introspection and being alone and less interest in all kinds of social activities, parties, etc….

You get all kinds of images and ideas coming through, often at a rapid pace. It sometimes seems that you don’t have enough time to work out all your ideas.

Your perception of “time” has changed because of the higher vibrations.

As you connect with oneness consciousness, waves of despair can overwhelm you if you pay too much attention to the conflicts and disharmony in the world.

As your knowledge and wisdom grows, you know and see more than those who are not yet awakened. You would like to help them, but encounter tremendous resistance and disbelief. You also experience impatience because you want to see your intentions or goals accomplished as quickly as possible. Surrender to Divine Timing….

You begin to feel so “different” that you sometimes feel that there is no one else who understands you. You are ahead of the masses, which sometimes makes you feel like an “outsider.” Sometimes you get a strong desire to go back to “home.” This feeling disappears as you put your relationship with your Self first and are willing to manifest yourself on earth.

A disturbing sensation that everything in your life feels so “different” and new that you have left your old self behind. It’s a bit like “dying.

People, books, movies, synchronous events and occurrences come at the right time to give you another boost. Some seem negative but on a deeper level are always meant to be positive.

Sometimes you can feel very ungrounded. You will be spaciously challenged by the feeling of not having both feet on the ground or of walking between two worlds. As your consciousness transitions into the new energy, sometimes your body lags behind. Spend more time in nature to better ground the new energy within yourself. This will pass as well.

You will find yourself chatting with the Self more often. Suddenly you realize that you have been chatting with Self for the last 30 minutes. A new level of communication with your being is emerging and you are only experiencing the tip of the iceberg with regard to these conversations with Self. The conversations will increase, will become more fluid, more coherent and more insightful. You are not going crazy, you are entering the New Energy.

Feelings of loneliness related to the fact that your guides have left. They have been with you on all your journeys in all your incarnations. But now it is time for them to retire to make room so that you can fill that place with your own divinity. This will also pass. The void within you will be filled with the love and energy of your own Christ Consciousness.

Seeing all kinds of symbols or numbers that suddenly appear in your consciousness or in the external world. For example, many regularly see 11:11 when they “accidentally” look at their digital clock or watch, or other numbers such as 22, 33, 555, etc… These numbers serve as subconscious triggers for a deeper awakening. They contain hidden meanings that are received on a subconscious level.

Light bulbs flicker, computers malfunction more often, radio frequencies just drop out, etc… because of fluctuating energy fields.

As love and inner peace increase more, wild animals become less afraid of you. Plants reciprocate your love and attention more than ever. Some animals or plants have a message for you. You are on your way to becoming a plant and animal whisperer.

The frequency increase reduces the time between setting intentions and manifesting them. You become more aware that you are a creator of your own reality.

Heart rhythm disturbances because of further opening of the heart chakra. The heart rebalances itself after an emotional clearing. Usually these disturbances are harmless.

More proteins are converted in the body.

Suppressed memories of past or parallel lives may suddenly surface as a function of the overall integration of your partial personalities.

The left side of your brain which stands for order, planning, logical thinking, analytical abilities, evaluations, judgments, etc… is put on lower gear to stimulate the right hemisphere of your brain which stands for psychic abilities, spatial vision, feeling compassion, seeing colors and energies, intuitive knowing, etc… This often results in memory impairments, not being able to find the words as well anymore, the inability to read for a long time, difficulties with the linear forms of communication (written or spoken). Sometimes you feel a bit jaded and don’t feel like having discussions or yes/no conversations at all. On the other hand, you seem to be more attracted to videos, magazines with pictures, beautiful works of art, music, painting, dancing, coloring, gardening or other kinesthetic forms of expression.

You may feel completely unpassionate, with little or no desire to do anything. That’s OK and it’s just part of the process. Use this time to do not-something. Don’t fight with yourself because this too will pass. It is similar to rebooting your computer. It is necessary to turn yourself off for a short time to install the new advanced software, or new Christ-seed energy.

At this time, the physical body will be most affected and many feel physical symptoms of low back pain, disturbed digestive systems and symptoms of detoxification. Then all this will calm down and the body will get used to the new energy system and begin to benefit from it. You release old patterns and memories of how the physical body should function and allow the changes so that you can hold a higher vibration and more light and energy.

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning ” rolled up.” It denotes the energy that traditionally, lies rolled up three-and-a-half times at the base of our spine. This energy, which remains unconscious in most people, is in fact our greatest force of creativity and awareness. Kundalini is active in everyone and to a slight degree always flows through our bodies. People who are spiritually awakened may experience strong waves of joy and gratitude as a result of further opening of the kundalini that expand throughout the body.

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