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Introducing the Schumann resonance

Schumann Institute Netherlands shares universal knowledge in the field of health and consciousness intended for all of humanity and offers courses, presentations, events, and coaching in this field as support. In this way, we contribute to the awakening of humanity and create a new field of consciousness and the new earth.

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Schumann Resonance presentation with Anton Teuben
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New World Schumann Resonance Event at Op Hodenpijl
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Coaching program (Astrum Stargate)

The Astrum stargate is like an energetic shower. Experience what effect this geometry in synergy with the glass crystal spheres (Dominus Cervix) have on all cells/structures and blockages in your body and soul.

Worldwide team Schumann Institute

For coaching and consultations on Schumann resonance, you can also contact coaches trained by Anton Teuben.

We are an independent organization bringing conscious and disclosing news. Our team consists of a perfectly matched group of enthusiasts and is based in Winsum, Groningen. We collaborate globally with journalists, scientists, etc. and this is how we try to keep the public informed about actual news.

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We are pleased with the current developments and can see that humanity is opening up to the solutions and what is essential news for everyone and everything on our planet….