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Debbie Teuben

My goal is to put people (back) in their own power as much as possible, for example by increasing their own frequency. My clients will become aware of what they want and feel, and of what hinders them from being themselves. In my experience, this alone reduces or eliminates the obstacles. People get moving again.

My experience and belief are that you function best when you live from contact with yourself, your (higher) consciousness, individuality, thus your power. The more contact with yourself is disturbed, the more complaints you are likely to have. The basis of all sessions is therefore aimed at restoring your energy and frequency as much as possible so that you are (again) fully in your power.

Using mostly intuition, various methods and techniques in the field of energy and frequency, the Schumann resonance and NLP, I allow my clients to regain awareness of body and mind. With the (almost inevitable) patterns that have crept in over the years through various events (traumas). By going through this and starting to feel into it, you will realize that these patterns do not serve you (anymore). You may now distance yourself from them. Then you can integrate the new desired patterns and techniques and let your own power inspire you. This will raise your entire frequency and also re-activate the self-healing capacity (you put your cells in a higher vibration). Through dedication in the integration process, this frequency increase will quickly become your own.

Debbie Teuben


Through energy and frequency, connection with the Schumann resonance (heartbeat of the earth) and NLP techniques, I can reconnect you with your feelings, your core, your strength and your possibilities. This allows you to be in tune with your own self, to give shape and content to your life and (re)find your own way.

I allow my clients to regain awareness of body and mind

Debbie Teuben

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