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Astrid Stijger

In my pursuit of quality dental care, I found that patient fear was often the limiting factor.
Therefore, in addition to my practice as a dentist, I started a treatment center for dental anxiety, which I do with the help of horses, among other things. These multidimensional animals can be great teachers for humans. From here I developed my own method and created a new field based on it: Equicure.

Treatment of people using horses, in which body, mind and spirit are involved in the process of healing. In my method, I combine ancient wisdom with my medical (dental) knowledge and experience, knowledge and experience from my regression reincarnation practice and my energetic work with humans and animals. This all based on the universal and natural laws and above all on everyone’s healing capacity!

In this resolute loving and purposeful way, I can guide people to heal on a physical, emotional, mental and soul level their limiting issues, traumas and/or traces of misery that (still) stand in the way of their laughter.

I would like to introduce myself to you.

For over 25 years I am a dentist, I practice this profession from a holistic vision, where prevention in the broadest sense of the word is paramount.

Any idea what motivates me?

Because since childhood it has been my dream to give people back their smiles, their real smiles.


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Then I mean their real smile, a smile that may be laughed at! The visible smile of your mouth and certainly also the internal smile you emit through the energy of body language.

I have written a book about my method, the Astrid Stijger Method ®: Black Pearls, White Teeth. A book that uses beautiful illustrations to paint a picture of how Equicure works. The book can only still be ordered through publisher Gizi.

I also provide training for Equicure coaches and Equicure therapists, with specialized programs for dental practitioners, as well as business concept development and business management. Because there too, it is important that the embodiment, spirit and soul of the business are in tune with the spirit and soul of the owner of the business. At my location in the south of France, with a beautiful view of the Pyrenees, I can offer people the natural peace and space to grow, heal and live on as a healed human being, with their laughter, in meeting the animals and/or giving regression reincarnation sessions, or coaching and training. Their real laughter!

Some years ago I met Anton Teuben and spent an evening at the Source in Winsum, where interesting speakers presented themselves. This is how I got to know the Schumann resonance for the first time. In 2022 I followed the trainer training so that I can consciously apply this Schumann resonance in harmony with my Way of Life in nature, my coexistence with animals and my vision of Mother Earth with her people and the universe with which we humans are consciously and unconsciously connected.

If you want to experience this then I cordially invite you to the workshop at my location in Leiden or at the beautiful location in the South of France ( 65 km southwest of Toulouse) to have this experience and make it part of your life, so that you can laugh from your internal health and strength from a base of tranquility.

From peace you can create, fantasize, connect and find your laughter.

Astrid Stijger
Uitgeverij Gizi
D-Ranch Equine Living Center
Lieu dit Lagensou
31230 Puymaurin
Haute-Garonne, France

From peace you can create, fantasize, connect and find your laughter.

Astrid Stijger

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