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Schumann Instituut Nederland


Our Mission

The Schumann Institute Netherlands shares universal knowledge in the field of health and consciousness intended for all humanity and offers courses, presentations, meetings and coaching in this field as support. In this way we contribute to the awakening of humanity and create a new field of consciousness.



A tremendously fast growing community of people involved in the awakening of humanity has emerged from the Schumann Institute. This community consists of members of the Schumann Institute’s website, participants of the Energy Updates, regional groups that can be found on Telegram and many others who are concerned with and/or actively involved in awakening, self-healing, connection with nature and the universe, free energy and the many other topics that play a major role in our step toward the new world based on connection, harmony, peace and love. The groups in this community run independently, separate from the Schumann Institute, but we are happy to facilitate and motivate these interconnections. We warmly support everyone in this community. Since we cannot maintain personal contact with everyone, contact with the Schumann Institute goes through the contact person, trainers/coaches for each region.

Founder Schumann Institute Netherlands

Founder of the Schumann Institute Anton Teuben, is also a UFO hotline and whistleblower for over 35 years.
My name is Anton Teuben and I was born in Sappemeer in 1949. I have been researching the UFO phenomenon and extraterrestrial life for 43 years. Around 1985 I began to go public as a UFO-hotline… Read more

Crystal Hoyer
Sanne Klein
Anita Mannessen
Wendy Elstak
Anita Wehl

SIN Team

Our creative team


For coaching and consultations in the area of Schumann resonance, you can contact coaches/trainers trained by Anton Teuben

Jolanda Weijers

Holland | France

Tamara Veraart

Breda, Holland

Ward Vanempten

Westerlo, Belgium

Yolanda van de Merwe-Post

Capelle a/d IJssel, Holland

Natasja Buster

Rosmalen, Holland

Joke Straathof

Dronten, Holland

Erna Zuidhoek

Voorhout, Holland

Britta Spreeuwenberg

Meterik, Holland

Bea Hop

Oudorp, Holland

Astrid Stijger

Leiden, Holland

Debbie Teuben

Groningen, Holland

Anneke de Groot

Ried, Holland

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